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80 Crore hungry people in the world.

Every year, 31 Lacs children under the age of five die due to poor nutrition globally, and 6.6 Crore primary school going children attend classes while hungry, in developing nations. Malnutrition causes stunted growth in children and affects their cognitive development. In fact, anaemia in pregnant women can result in the birth of mentally impaired children and the death of the mother during childbirth. Chronic hunger makes both children and adults more susceptible to common illnesses and infections, and can eventually lead to death due to wasting or rapid weight loss. India tops the list as the most undernourished country with 19 Crore 46 Lacs hungry citizens.

Despite a remarkable progress in the economy, the country has failed to eradicate hunger at the grassroots levels and is home to 15 percent of the world’s hungry. What is more shocking than these troubling facts is that the world produces enough food to feed everyone sufficiently but poverty forces so many of them to sleep on empty stomach. The World Food Day celebrates the formation of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN). It began to be observed in 1979 and is a day to raise awareness and commit to action against hunger. The UN has underscored the importance of ending world hunger to achieving sustainability, with ‘zero hunger’ being a major sustainable development goal (SDG) for 2030. Our government is been trying hard since our independence to enhance the nation’s nutrition and food security through long-term policies. We hope to see situation will improve in our nation.

What We Are ...

Apart from Government’s efforts there are many NGOs and individuals are working for the same cause.

We profoundly involve ourselves for this mission as a small collective step of like-minded people under an entity as “Good Bye Hunger”, for the Vision in it’s name itself...

What We Do?

We are group of like-minded people; those who believe in that there should be none on the earth should sleep Hungry.

As food is very basic need of living being and on humanitarian ground, everyone must get food daily.

We all know it is a very big vision to achieve collectively by humanity for the humanity

We are committed to contribute with our level best capacities and capabilities to ensure that;

Once a week

One underprivileged group

Must be severed meal by us with our own hands…

How We Serve?

We study the Underprivileged organization like

  • OldAge Home/ Cancer cure organizations
  • Orphanages/ Dieing Destitutes
  • Orphanages/ Dieing Destitutes / Slums
  • Mentally or physically challenged Peoples’ asylums
  • Special socially dejected peoples’ asylum…

Plan ourselves to select appropriate food with appropriate quantity and then arrange to prepare food with all quality standards and carry that food to pre decided place for needy people.

There we organize small gathering with light events like cake cutting/ some cultural events.

Thereafter, we serve food with our own hands to people and we do eat with them…

Donate Us

Please feel free to be a supporting hand to us by being volunteer or by extending your monetary help…

Rina L. Savla

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Meghana Nandu

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Seema Shah

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204/7, FAM Society, Sector 11, Koperkhairne, Navi Mumbai – 400709

Rina L. Savla

Mob: +91 98927 76496

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